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5 Reasons To Use An Expert Health Insurance Agent (Texas Health Design)


I think all of us fall into the trap of believing that every product or service can be commoditized and packaged into an easy to understand, easy to purchase widget where price is the only consideration.  The internet has been wonderful in the sense that we can now easily compare prices and read reviews and buy from the comfort of our living room while watching television and taking a phone call.  Unfortunately, we've seen in the last several weeks several instances that have reminded us that easy price searches are not enough and health insurance is not a commodity.  Health insurance shoppers need better tools to examine plan choices and must be able to rely on an expert source to answer specific questions that apply to their situation.  The reality is that our busy lives don't have room for carving out hours to research health plans on our own or determining whether a doctor is in one network or another.  When we do take time to shop for health coverage during this open enrollment period, insurance shoppers want to ensure they get quick responses, comprehensive information, and answers to specific personal questions.

Top 5 Questions About Health Insurance in 2015

Top 5 Questions About Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) in 2015


It seems as though the days are flying by and the Open Enrollment Period is slipping by quickly.  Insurance shoppers that desire to have coverage that is effective on January 1st of 2015 only have about 19 days left to obtain their coverage.  Yes, if you miss the 12/15/14 deadline you'll still be able to buy coverage for the 2015 calendar year, but your coverage will start at the beginning of February!  There is a significant price for procrastination in this new health insurance shopping environment, so don't put off this important decision.

Top 5 Questions About Health Insurance in 2015

I have received 5 or 6 questions consistently over the last month and I felt like they deserved to be highlighted as an article in our Texas Health Insurance Blog.  Let's dive in and we'll review these common questions and ensure we've documented the answers.  Remember, these are our opinions and each client and shopper's situation is different.  Make sure to call us at 713-422-2935 and we'll help you discern the best approach for your unique set of circumstances.

5 Obamacare Surprises Coming in 2015

The end of the year is typically marked by trying to close business deals and get holiday preparations complete.  The last thing we want is a few suprises to interupt our plans or cause us to get distracted.  November 15th will bring the beginning of this year's Open Enrollment and all of Texas Health Design's existing clients will receive new quotes that provide a snapshot of all the plans and companies available for the coming year.  As we've begun our preparations to serve our clients we wanted to bring your attention to a few suprises that are in store for health insurance shoppers for the coming 2015 plan year.

Save Money - Lose The Texas High Risk Pool

Over the last few years I've written several articles about clients and friends with pre-existing conditions and their limited health insurance coverage options. In Texas, clients with significant health issues have only two options. First, if they own a small business and have at least one other employee, they could obtain a small company insurance plan or "group" plan. Many clients have gone this route, and we'll talk more about strategies for them next week when we post an article about evaluating cheaper options in the new year.

The Truth About Your Health Care Premiums in 2014

We've had a lot of news hit the tape in the last week and I wanted to provide some clarity in what is quickly becoming a confusing mess of spin and half-truths. I'll start by saying that I'm clearly biased, but my sincere hope is that we get the truth rather than some version of what I want or what I think. As you know, I feel strongly that the PPA (Patient Protection Act) will increase medial costs and absolutely insurance costs for most of us, but let's not rely on my experience and opinion, let's look at three stories that were posted this week and attempt to discern what is correct.

The Countdown Begins! An Affordable Care Act Summary

It's Almost Here!

As of now (January 2013), several aspects of the ACA (Affordable Care Act or Patient Protection Act or "Obamacare") have been implemented. First, children under the age of 19 with any pre-existing condition can now be insured and an insurance company cannot decline them. Second, all plans now must now cover 100% of a policy holder's preventative care expenses without co-pay or deductible. Finally, insurance companies have also been forced to adhere to the 80% MLR rule where they must pay at least 80% of all premiums received to patient medical claims.

4 Reasons You'll Pay 50% More For Health Insurance Next Year

I hate to tell you the bad news, but it is best to get a dose of reality earlier than it is to have a shock when bad things hit. Despite the fact that our leaders told us that we could expect lower healthcare rates, you'll be paying more for health insurance next year. Politicians have a funny way of doing things and often the name of their legislation is an indication of the coming irony. While the sweeping healthcare law that passed in 2009 became dubbed, "Obamacare", the formal name for the legislation is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.