Health Plans for Businesses

Business owners, HR Directors, and Office Managers have worked with the team at Texas Health Design for years. We work with the leadership of your firm to provide a wide range of company and plan offerings for group health insurance. We specialize in serving companies that have between two and one hundred employees.  Small group plans have access to PPO networks instead of the HMO networks that indivdual plans use.  Did you realize that group coverage is now more affordable than an individual plan in many situations?  Individual rates have skyrocketed while group rates continued their normal pricing.  Let us help you determine if a group plan might be a better decision for your team.

Delivering Experience, Knowledge and World-Class Service

When companies engage our services they often complain that their current agent did not provide expert guidance or service. At Texas Health Design we believe our mission is to educate and provide world-class service. Our team listens to your firm's needs and desires and then makes recommendations based on your feedback. As business owners, we share your desire to provide excellent benefits, have great plan design flexibility, and control costs. Last, our firm believes that we should work hand in hand with your administration team. We often find HR Managers and Office Administrators that waste time calling insurance companies on behalf of employees and owners. We help your staff by removing this burden, simply call us and we'll work with the insurance company for you.

Special Knowledge

Employers often want to provide great health coverage to their employees because they care for them and want them to have health insurance. Did you know that offering health insurance to employees may actually harm them? If your firm is a "blue-collar" operation where employees with spouses and children have a household income of less than $70,000 or $80,000 your generosity could actually be a detriment to their financial situation! By offering group coverage to an employee, families are ineligible for financial subsidies. By offering health insurance to your employees you could be costing them thousands in benefits! Contact us today and we'll show you a better way to cover your employees and their families. They'll thank you for it!