Health Insurance Update 2019 - Just A Few Days To Go!

Health Insurance Will Cost More Money In 2019

2019 Open Enrollment is almost here and many clients and friends are getting notices that their plans are changing or their premiums are increasing.  On November 1st, 2018 we'll be able to get a view of the universe of health options we'll have for 2019.  While many clients will stay with their current plan, they will certainly see an increase in premiums and also in their deductibles or out of pocket maximums again.  The annual bump in costs and reductions in benefits are now the norm for most people and we are constantly scouring the landscape for new options. 

Administrative Items - When will we see new prices and plans?
If you are currently a Texas Health Design client or if you have called or emailed our offices in the last several months you are already in our queue to receive updated quotes.  As soon as our software system is uploaded with new rates and plans we will begin distributing quotes to you.  Once you receive the quotes, please email us back with a specific time and date that works for you to discuss your options.  We will block off 30 minutes to one hour to review your choices and find the best solution for your specific situation and budget.  If you'd like to get on our list to contact please go to the following link to connect with us! - CONTACT US

Open Enrollment lasts till December 15th - You only have about 7 weeks to make a change or sign up!
That's right, remember you only have until mid December to take action and search for a plan and apply for it.  You'll need to make payment by 12/31/18 to ensure that it is ready to go on January 1st 2019.  We do not anticipate that we will have any extensions of the Open Enrollment period.

What's New? - Alternative offerings may be something to consider (Medi-Share and Short Term Plans)
The extreme cost and high deductibles for the Affordable Care Act plans are driving health insurance shoppers to consider other options.  The truth is that many of these new options sound good but are scams or poor quality and you need to be cautious when considering obtaining an alternative to your group plan or individual ACA qualifying plan.  Please be aware that you must be healthy to begin considering these options.  There are viable options but they are not for everyone and they all have drawbacks.  Most of the short-term health insurance and Christian Sharing Minisitries like Medi-Share do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions or prescription drugs.  You cannot hide your health history so it is important to be truthful with the company and also with yourself so you don't have a claim rejected!  While some of these options may provide more affordable coverage you must take time to understand the limitations and exclusions prior to buying.  Importantly, we are contacted almost daily by shoppers that have purchased "small business alternatives" that have found that doctors and hospitals don't accept their coverage and effectively they have paid a lot for nothing!  If it sounds too good, it probably isn't any good!  Make sure you are working with an honest agent that will give you a realistic evalation of your situation and the available plans.

Can We Still Do Small Group Plans? - YES!
If you own your own business and you have at least 1 person on staff that is a w-2 employee (it must be someone other than you) we can help you get a group plan.  These plans are not cheaper, but they are better.  The small group plan will allow you to obtain a PPO network.  All of the individual ACA qualified plans are still HMO networks.  Contact us today and we'll assist you in getting a small group running.  Remember, if you offer a group plan with a beginning date of 1/1/19 we still have the contribution holiday which means the employer is not required to pay 50% of the health insurance premiums for their employees.  This is a great option for small business owners that want to make a group plan available, but cannot afford to pay a portion of their employee's cost.  Ask us about this option.

What if your employer benefits are terrible?
We recently received a call from an old client that had been on an individual health plan with us and had gone to their employer plan.  The health network of the group PPO was terrible and didn't have any physicians in the network in their town!  The employee introduced us to their HR Director and Operations Manager.  After doing an analysis we were able to find them a small company plan for their 35 employees that saved them 15% and provided a PPO network that was nation-wide.  Please introduce us to your CEO, COO, or HR Manager if your benefits need a second look or enhancements!

Contact Us today to get in our queue for 2019 Open Enrollment.  We will send you no-obligation quotes and provide expert guidance without high pressure sales.  Call us today at 713-422-2935 or visit our website at
Jason Bohmann