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Do You Need Help Managing Your Health Insurance Business?

The Affordable Care Act has complicated the health insurance business for many insurance agencies, increasing both training and regulation. In addition, insurance carriers are changing plans, dropping health networks, and reducing commissions. These changes have left both consumers and even some insurance agencies confused and scrambling for answers.

If managing your agency's Health Insurance business has become too time-consuming, join Texas Health Design and simplify your business. Working with Texas Health Design allows you to focus on your core business while still offering top-quality health insurance service and care to your clients.

How does it work? Texas Health Design serves you and your client! We introduce ourselves as members of your team that have extensive expertise in Health Insurance. We concentrate solely on health insurance and deliver world-class guidance and service both during and after the sale. You can ensure all your clients have access to a leader in the health insurance market, and you'll save time and energy!


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Why Join the Health Partnership Program With Texas Health Design?

Saves You Valuable Time

  • Training and regulatory requirements continue to demand more time from health insurance agencies. Federal training for the 2021 Health Plan Modules will require at least 5 hours of training and additional time to navigate the onboarding process with each carrier.  

Our Technical Expertise

  • The process of selling health insurance requires even more technical expertise than ever to guide clients through the qualification and plan selection process. Our team has the technical expertise needed to provide top-quality service and care to all health insurance clients, whether it's helping them identify plans that meet their needs and budget, reviewing plan details and eligibility, or confirming subsidy qualifications.
  • We typically engage, quote clients, and review options within minutes of receiving your referral.
  • We've been recognized as a Texas Health Insurance expert and have been featured in the Houston Chronicle and the Guardian newspaper several times.

Extensive Marketplace Support

• Marketplace applicants, especially those that qualify for federal subsidies, require significant guidance and support during the health insurance process. Our team is filled with patient educators that guide your clients through the qualification and enrollment process.
• Even full-time health agents refer their most challenging and sick clients and also Marketplace clients to us because we have a proven track record of quickly serving their clients with complicated cases. Our health insurance services allow our partners to focus on selling their primary policies.

Keep Up With Market Changes

• With health insurance, there are constant changes to plan designs, networks, and company policies. The industry will see even more changes, as several new carriers are entering Texas and several are leaving!
• Several companies are exiting the Texas market and new entrants are joining. It is a full-time endeavor to ensure clients get the best plan designs, largest networks, and most affordable plans.

We Focus Solely On Health Insurance

• As your health specialist we serve your client's health insurance needs. If your client inquires about life insurance, disability insurance, investment or wealth management services, or property and casualty coverage we will refer them back to you. We desire to serve their health insurance needs only.


Partner with Us


Save time and energy, and ensure your clients receive world-class guidance and service. Join Texas Health Design's Partnership Program Today! To get started, contact us via our Partner with Us form or use the contact info below.

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