Last Days of the Special Election Period Are Winding Down

Time Is Money, Avoid The Tax Penalty and Buy Health Insurance Today

April 30th will mark the end of the last Special Election Period that allowed citizens to extend the time to purchase health insurance in 2015.  This specific election period was approved by CMS and made available to people that never bought health insurance in 2014 and discovered that they would owe a penalty for the 2014 tax year.

Don't Delay, The Penalty Doubles in 2015!

In order to help shocked tax filers avoid an even greater 2% penalty, this opportunity allows applicants to obtain coverage and keep their money!  There is not much time left, you only have 7 more days, otherwise the next time applicants will have a chance to obtain health insurance will be during Open Enrollment that begins in November of 2015.

If you have not purchased health insurance or have questions about your potential tax penalty, don't delay, call us at 713-422-2935.

Triggering Events

What happens if you adopt a child or have a baby or lose your job that offered health insurance, can you get new health insurance?  Of course.  Those events are qualifying events that allow you to purchase health insurance any time during the year.  If these triggering events occur in your family you have up to 60 days from the event to obtain coverage or even change your current health plan if you don't like it.  Babies can be added as of the date of their birth, but you need to act quickly and get them covered as soon as you can and we generally recommend getting the process started within 15 or 20 days of their birth.  You do have time to analyze your options, and getting started early will help us do a great job of informing you and helping you find a plan that fits your budget and the needs of your family.

If you have questions about adding coverage or if you recently had a baby, simply click Contact Us and we'll be happy to guide you through the process or pick up the phone and call us at 713-422-2935.

Jason Bohmann

Texas Health Design