Your Coverage Terminated But It's Not Too Late! Insurers Create Exceptions

Post It Label saying to do a task now, but a procrastinator crossed it out to say, do it tomorrow

I had several clients and new friends call frantically on the January 1st as they realized that their time to elect a new health plan to replace their terminated Blue Cross plan had passed.  While they had almost 45 days to get these tasks completed, it isn't much of a secret that we all wish we could put off dealing with a health insurance search forever.  Unfortunately, we now have a new addition to the proverbial saying, "We can't put off death and taxes", we can now make it, "We can't put off death, taxes, or enrollment in an Affordable Care Act plan".  If you missed the January first deadline there is still hope.

The Deadline Passed, But You Can Still Get Coverage For January 1st!

If you are also finding yourself in distress because you missed the deadline to choose a plan to replace your terminated Blue Cross plan, don't fear, but don't put it off any longer.  We have just received word that Blue Cross will allow its existing members to select a replacement plan over the next week or so and still receive a 1/1/15 start date.  That is huge as we do not want any of our clients exposing themselves to the risk of being uninsured over the holidays.  If Blue Cross would not have made this decision, many procrastinators would be at risk for at least one month without insurance! 

Call Us Today So We Can Find A Replacement For Your Terminated Blue Cross Plan

Click Contact Us today to receive health insurance quotes emailed directly to you.  You can also get a free and immediate quote directly on our website.  Just click Get A Quote Now.  Finally, if you need help determining if you qualify for a subsidy and you need help getting coverage with Blue Cross that will start January 1st, 2015 even though we are already past that date, please give us a call at 713-422-2935.

No one wants to take time to look at these plans and dig into the details to examine the best approach for you and your family.  Call us and we'll help you quickly analyze your options that fit your budget.  We can help you ensure you are not at risk during the month of January!

Jason Bohmann
Texas Health Design