Marketplace Madness - Understanding The Government Subsidy Process

We help clients solve the healthcare marketplace mystery


The deadline to apply for health insurance coverage that will become effective January 1, 2015 is quickly approaching.  In order to obtain a plan that begins 1/1/15 you must sign up for an insurance plan by December 15th.  As our phone volumes have increased as we rush toward the application deadline we're meeting more clients and shoppers that are unclear how to obtain subsidies and how to apply.

First, let's review what a subsidy is and why it could be in your family's best interest to obtain financial assistance.  A financial subsidy is just a pool of money that is available to help you pay for your monthly health insurance premiums.  If you see the chart below you'll see that the government examines the size of your family and then calculates a maximum amount of income you can make to receive help.

Marketplace Qualification Eligibility

From the chart you can see that if you make less than $46,680 as a single person you probably qualify for reduced monthly premiums.  If you make less than $29,175 as an individual, you may also qualify to have your deductibles and your maximum out of pocket expenses reduced.

How Do I Sign Up?

"Perfect", you say to yourself, but how do I get all this free money?  You can now take steps to qualify for coverage by enrolling by the phone at the Marketplace Exchange or you may log in at and apply for financial assistance. Clients and shoppers may call 1-800-318-2596.  When you call or log into the marketplace you'll need to have your private financial information like your social security number and dates of birth for all family members.

When logging in on the website or when calling in you have the opportunity to state that an agent or broker has assisted you with your health insurance search, please make sure to input our NPN # 7644850.  This is our national producer number and is important to add to a marketplace application so we can help you in your plan search and service after you've made your purchase.  Agents on a health plan don't cost you anything and your premiums do not cost more if you work with us or go direct to the marketplace without an agent.  Why wouldn't you have them add #7644850, Jason Bohmann to your plan?

Picking a Plan And Enrolling On The Phone

Once you've determined how much of a subsidy that you'll obtain, make sure to tell the marketplace representative to save your application.  Ask them to give you the application number and write it down and keep it in a safe place.  Once you've saved the application number, please contact us at 713-422-2935 or by clicking Contact Us so that we can help you choose the best plan and incorporate the subsidy into your search. Once we've found the best plan for you we can make a call directly to the marketplace with you in a conference call and we'll help you enroll.

Enroll Online With Texas Health Design

Many of our clients have had recent success using the online Marketplace website lately and that has worked well.  Once you know what your subsidy amount is, you can call us and we'll help make sure you have health insurance quotes in a format that includes the subsidy and is easy to understand.  We'll walk you through the process of signing up online as you make your selections.

Several clients have been confused about the questions they see on the online health website, call us and we'll help you navigate the process.  We've assisted many clients and we'll aid you to quickly qualify for coverage and sign up without delay.

No matter if you qualify for subsidies or not, you need an expert to answer your health insurance questions and help you examine all of the plan offerings from the major health insurance carriers.  Texas Health Design specialized in the individual market and helps families and individuals find coverage that fits their needs and budgets.

Jason Bohmann