Frustrated With Your Insurance; Get Help With Plan Research Before You Buy!

Buying without research will get you a bad plan and lots of frustration.

I Just Bought A Plan I Could Afford!

I have had several conversations in the last few weeks with clients of other agents or purchasers of health insurance plans that dealt directly with the carrier that needed help.  In each instance the person lamented that they purchased a health plan based on the price and they didn't take much time to consider other important items in the plan like physician networks, deductibles, or co-pays.

The Texas Health Design Process

While this post may sound a bit like a commercial, I think it is important to know that Texas Health Design makes sure our clients truly understand their options and we have helped them evaluate how these choices will impact their access to health care.  It sounds crazy to us that a person would have just bought online without considering their ability to see doctors or even know what is covered, but we see the destructive results of those types of buying decisions daily.  We get calls from folks desperate to switch out of bad plans that have very small doctor networks or plans that are really only discount plans!  Typically the insurance carriers are good at fixing problems, and we help them attempt to correct purchasing mistakes. 

What Does a Good Purchasing Process Look Like?

1)  We want to make sure our clients receive comprehensive quotes that include lots of different plan offerings from several major carriers.  If your agent is only providing you access to one or two carriers, you are missing out on lots of market information. 

2)  The broker's quote needs to be in a format that will allow you to compare all the plans against each other.  We have seen quotes that are practically impossible for us to read and we've been selling plans for 12 years!  Those terrible formats are confusing and don't help clients make easy comparisons.  Our quote template is easy to read and allows us to guide you through an examination of all the plans offered by several major insurance providers.

You've Narrowed It Down, Now What?

3)  Once you've narrowed your search down to several plans and companies you need to provide your agent a list of your health issues, medications, and physicians.  While you may push back and state that since the ACA is the law you can't be denied coverage, we'd suggest that if you are a heavy user of medications or physician services, you probably need a different plan than a person that goes to the doctor every 3 or 4 years.  By letting us know your health status, medical history, or challenges you have dealt with, we can guide you to a plan that will best meet your needs.  Finally, as our new clients found out, it is important for you to get confirmation that your doctors are actually in the network of the carrier or plan you want to purchase.  We look up every doctor our clients provide us and ensure that they know whether or not their doctors are in network.  Ultimately we want them to have clarity and confidence in the plan they are purchasing so there are no surprises at the time they need to use their coverage.

4)  Make a Decision and Apply.  It sounds simple, but many folks do lots work analysis and then never take the next step.  In the new ACA health environment we all need to have health insurance.  If we don't, we could be subject to big penalties for not being covered.  In 2015 you could pay as much as 2% of your total household income just for not having qualified health insurance!

There's Still Time To Buy Coverage!

If you have still not purchased health coverage in 2015 there are only a few more weeks left for you to buy coverage.  After the Special Election Period expires you won't be able to buy a health plan for the remainder of 2015.  Contact Us today by clicking the link or simply call us at 713-422-2935 and we'll ensure you get a great plan that meets your family's needs.


Jason Bohmann
Texas Health Design