Deadlines Extended....One More Week - Get Your Application In Today!

Technical difficulties plagued the signup process over the last few days of Open Enrollment.  As a result of these problems, CMS, the government body that oversees the Affordable Care Act, has extended the Open Enrollment deadline to February 22nd. Remember, if you don't obtain coverage that begins 3/1/15, you cannot purchase health insurance this year unless you qualify for the Special Election period (have a baby, get a divorce, or have some other qualifying life change event).  If you miss out on this last chance, you'll be locked out and won't be able to purchase an ACA plan in 2015.  Make sure to grab this last opportunity to buy coverage.

Is The Extension Just For Marketplace Applications?

No, the extension for application applies to all types of policies whether you are applying for a subsidy or not.  You may use the extension no matter if you are applying On-Marketplace or Off-Marketplace.  In other words, if you need a policy to begin 3/1/15, you can still get it.  Contact Us today by clicking on the link and we'll help you navigate the process to get your policy.  We are experts at helping our clients obtain subsidies or using the health providers without financial assistance.

What's The Catch? - Special Rules

As we've found with any new government rule, time update, or extension, special rules apply and you must follow a few new steps to get your application in for health coverage that begins March 1st.  You'll need to cite specific problems and issues in the application process that caused you to be unable to proceed with an application.  We can help you obtain coverage and navigate the issues that prevented clients from signing up in the last few days of Open Enrollment.  Please call us today and take advantage of the last few days you have to purchase coverage.  Please call us at 713-422-2935 today.

Jason Bohmann
Texas Health Design