Federal Judge Rules Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

Well, here we have the first of many court decisions that will be argued about for the next several years. Today a Virginia Court ruled that the individual mandate of the Health Reform Act is unconstitutional. Judge Henry Hudson found that the law exceeded Congress' ability to use the Interstate Commerce Clause.

Unintended Consequences (Again)

Just wanted to drop in and post a quick note about some of the things we are seeing in the marketplace. We had an interesting case last week where we had a family apply for family coverage and receive some unexpected news. We ran into another example of the unintended consequences of the Patient Protection and Affordability Act.

So You Wanted to Insure Children With Pre-Existing Conditions?

Kids Receive No Benefits From The New Law Changes

I wanted to convey a few thoughts on the recent changes on health care options for children since October 1st. It is often a difficult task to look in the future and try to anticipate the implications of new policies or changes. As readers have known, I was fearful of the legislation changes in the Health Care Reform Act, and it is beginning to be clear that those concerns were well founded.

CT Approves Rate Increases

The Connecticut State Department of Insurance approved massive price increases for Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem Health as of October 1st 2010. While this is not a shock to those that have been reading our blog over the last few months, the posters leaving comments on the story are livid and act as though they never knew this type of increase was possible.

Fall Out!

The 9/23/2010 date has come and all newly issued plans after (essentially October 1st 2010 plans) now offer unlimited preventative care, inability to deny coverage to children under 19 with pre-existing conditions, and all caps to benefit amounts have been removed. Clearly old plans or grandfathered plans don't have to change, but they do complicate the landscape for insurers and agents as we now need to keep track of the effective dates to understand what types of plans we're dealing with.

Death of the High Risk Pool? New Federal Program Endangers the State Plan

New Programs Make The Decision As Clear As Mud

As I learn more about the new developments related to the Healthcare Reform Act, – now called the Patient Protection and Affordability Act (Is that great marketing spin or what?), I continue to shake my head and wonder if the intent of the entire bill was to destroy the existing infrastructure of medicine and make insurance unaffordable to everyone that currently has it to protect their family. If that was the intent congratulations should be bestowed upon the crafters of this fine legislation!